First step at the open source world…!!!

While trying to give a hand to some real world projects, I was looking for an open source organization in which I can contribute and learn how big projects are handled and maintained. My search ended finally at Scipy. It is a very rich library for Python for Science, Maths and Engineering students. I got some problems while building Scipy but thanks to stackoverflow and IRC, I finally did it


Then next tasks were getting familiar with Git version control system and finding some easy bugs to start with. Git was a little bit annoying in the starting. But as the time passed and I became familiar it was thought-provoking. Meanwhile I also found two small bugs with exact solving instructions. I made the changes and wrote some test cases for the corresponding changes. The first was a little bit messy in the start but I then learnt about squashing commits and corrected that. Then I made two pull requests for both the commits. Fortunately both were accepted within few days. The link for the PR’s are given below :-