Aman Singh

Image processing functions are generally thought to operate over two-dimensional arrays of value. There are however a number we need to operate over images with more than wo dimensions. The scipy.ndimage module is an excellent collection of a number of general image processing functions which are designed to operate over arrays with arbitrary dimensions. This module is an extension of Python library written in C using Python – C API to ameliorate its speed. The whole module can be broadly divided into 3 categories:-

  • Files containing wrapper functions:- This includes the nd_image.h and nd_image.c files. ndimage.c file mainly contains functions required for extension of module in c viz. All the wrapper functions along with other module initialization function and method table.
  • Files containing basic constructs:- These are in the files ni_support.c and ni_support.h. These constructs include a mixture of some containers, macros and various functions. These constructs are like arteries of…

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