Internet Relay Chat also known as IRC‘s is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. It is mainly used for group discussion in forums called channel. IRC works on Client-Server model of networking.

IRC run a client program on your own computer which connects you to a server computer on the Internet. These servers link to many other servers to make up an IRC  network, which transport messages from one user (client) to another. In this manner, people from all over the world can talk to each other live and simultaneously.

Let’s see how to connect to a discussion group in IRC. I am connecting to channel #KDE foe example.

Firstly we will need an IRC client. There are many Clients available like MIRC, XChat or FreeNode. I am using Xchat. It can downloaded  from here.

Once you have installed the client, next step is to select any your preferred usernames, some personal information and the Network you want to start with. A network is a host for different channels. The network to be selected is generally given on the website of channels.

The network of KDE is freenode so I selected Freenode.Untitled


Before joining any channel we first need to know about some of the basic commands of IRC.

1. A command to any IRC always starts with ‘/’ character. Anything that doesn’t begins with ‘/’ is just a message being sent to a channel or group.

2. /help – This command gives a list of all the commands.

/help <name> is the command to see help on ‘name’ command function.

3. To join any channel the commands are:-

/join #     For example if you want to connect to KDE type /join #KDE.

4. Changing Nick Name :- The command is


5.  Detail about anyone:-

To know about someone just type:-

/WHOIS <nickname>

Explore other commands like /QUIT, /NAMES #<channel-name>, /LIST  etc.

Now let’s continue where we had left. Type /join #<channel name> and get connected to all the users of that channel instantaneously.


In the circled area there is the list of all the users of that channel. You can chat on the group by sending messages directly or you can chat to a specific user by clicking on his name.

These links might help you further.




Keep coding 🙂